Bostik 2730 MS

Bostik 2730 MS

Bostik 2730 MS is an MS polymer-based, one component, hybrid joint-filling sealant that does not contain solvent or isocyanate and can be applied for multi purposes. It is suitable for painting according to German DIN 52452 / Chapter 4 norms. The paint should be tested before use.

Areas of applications:

  • Suitable for connection and expansion joints in the inner and outer sides of the buildings
  • In all constructional areas; for example, in the window, door and roof parts
  • In gutter and roof channels
  • In the joints of wooden and metal constructions
  • In the connection details of prefabricated materials
  • In the facade and metal curtain coats


  • Waterproof; becomes elastic and soft with air humidity
  • Free from solvent and odourless
  • Very good UV resistance
  • One component
  • Over-paintable
  • No bubble formation
  • Slight shrinkage
  • Excellent elasticity and very good adhesion strength
  • Does not contain solvent, silicone or isocyanate
  • Primer is not necessary (sample application is needed)

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